Treat your dog to a nice, cool, quiet evening at home while you go out to Cooper's Landing.
Dog Policy

  • Dogs are not allowed in tent camping areas or entertainment/dining areas
  • Keep your dog with you at all times and on a leash
    (Dogs in air conditioned RVs are OK)
    Keep your dog away from areas where food is prepared or eaten
    (especially picnic tables)
  • If you leave, take your dog with you, including boat rides
  • You are responsible for the conduct of your dogs. Do not let your dog's barking
    ruin someone elses camping experience. Clean up after your dog.
  • Responsible dog owners are welcome. Irresponsible dog owners can stay home with their dogs.
  • People with ADA Service dogs should give us prior notice before arriving so we can provide extra assistance.

Note to responsible dog owners. This policy was written as result of years of frustration from dealing
with irresponsible dog owners who would not respond to a subtle approach. I apologize to responsible dog owners who respect the rights of other people to dine and camp in an environment that is not ruined by unattended and barking dogs.